Creative Playground

Creative Playground

The main aim of the apartment’s interior arrangement was to create a space with a natural, open feel that would facilitate the creative activities of the owners’ children, while simultaneously bring family members closer together.
In the initial stages of the design process, it was decided that emphasis would be given on a space for reading and playing, a creative “playground” area where the main activities of the children would take place under their parents’ supervision, an area which would also constitute the focal point of the family’s daily living.
Thus, upon entering the apartment, the user is led to a 60m2 space comprising of a leisure and recreation area, complete with a swing, a slide and climbing rails, instead of the usual sitting area. Behind this area, built-in storage and decoration spaces frame a piano, while on the opposite side, a staircase that functions as a children’s bookcase is connected to the main library of the residence. Instead of a dining area, a large wooden table sets the tone as the creative space of the family, where parents and children can make things together; the craft items created can be placed inside the two ceiling light fixtures right above the table for backlit display.
To the left of this space, the open plan, fitted kitchen in light grey and its central island with designed storage spaces, act as a transition between the apartment’s public and private spaces. Above the central island, the interior design makes effective use of the high ceiling to incorporate black steel storage racks with an “industrial” feel, which function as a visual focus of attention; these racks hold plants in line with the greenery of the veranda and the green hues of the cabinets in the reading area.
The “latticework” style design of the built-in cabinets matches the shape of the bookshelves in the library and other areas. The colour white on the walls and ceiling allows for natural light to penetrate the interior with splendour, while the continuous wooden floor of the apartment provides an additional element of natural warmth.

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