Curved Roof House

Curved Roof house

The house in Sentosa Cove, Singapore, sits on a plot with a wide road frontage, therefore the articulation of the front elevation was critical. To reduce the massing of the house, the architects sloped the roof down so the lowest point faces the road, the curve of the roof helping to further soften the impact of the building. Internally, private zones are created to allow family members to retreat and enjoy time together when they are not entertaining. All doors slide away to open up the rooms to the sea breezes and cool the spaces down. The basement levels contains staff quarters, auxiliary and storage spaces, a parking area for 10 cars and a reflective pond which links to the entrance through a triple height space, covered by the wave form roof. The ground floor houses the communal spaces with an open plan kitchen and dining area overlooking the 30m infinity pool and lake/golf course beyond. The family room surrounded by glass for maximum views is on the first floor, while the attic houses the master bedroom with a private study, a large roof garden off its bathroom, and a roof terrace for sunbathing. The integration of planting on roof gardens on the first floor and the attic level helps nestle the house into the surrounding landscape. A hole was cut into the curved roof for a large tree to protrude from the bathroom courtyard of the first floor. On the lake side, the wave roof form unfolds to open up the views of the pool, lake, golf course and South China Sea beyond. A soft off white palette is selected for the exterior and interior of the house, with texture was added to the surfaces of the wall and ceiling to articulate the natural light. Burmese teak compliments the ivory travertine, adding a homely warmth to the spaces. Natural and recycled teak is used for the bathroom and kitchen fixed furniture respectively, giving a rustic nautical feel.

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Aaron Pocock Photography
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