Theokleous residence is built in a growing residential area, on Larnaca’s western boundary.

It is a medium-sized building with a typical middle-class family program (living room, dining room, kitchen, office, three bedrooms, guest room, restrooms for residents and guests, storage rooms, two parking lots). The size and dimensions of the site are common for this type of project, and the only special feature is its adjacency to a public walkway on the west.

Our office, through the study of a series of similar size residences during the last 10 years, has elaborated a special typological approach, which is adjusted to the lifestyle of the users and to the individual features of each plot.

This approach lies in the clear separation of individual spaces, both by form and by function, and achieves aesthetic integrity by minimizing the morphological vocabulary and use of materials. The centerpiece is the staircase; all the main rooms are organized around this two-story space, and open to the courtyard.

In this way, we attempt to highlight the evolution of traditional architecture into Mediterranean modernism, resulting in a contemporary architectural production.

Design by:
Photos by:
Anargyros Mougiakos

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