A Harmonious Blend of Calmness and Modernity

A new dermatology clinic is located in the very heart of Patras. The facility is housed on the first floor of an apartment building of the 60’s and is the result of the merge and transformation of two common apartments.

Design Objectives: Calmness and Comfort

The main goal of the project was to establish a well organized space for its users, along with offering the feelings of calmness, comfort and hospitality.

Inviting Reception and Waiting Area and Efficient Space Utilization

The open-floor reception and waiting area is positioned in the ‘heart’ of the clinic and is welcoming the visitors. The rest of the spaces are structured in the perimeter: the doctor’s office with the examination area, the facial and body treatment rooms and the supporting areas.

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere with Colors, Materials, and Lighting

Contemporary materials, textures, custom made furniture and lighting details interact with the existing shell and highlight the coexistence of the old and the new. A distinctive example is the wooden floor, which is preserved, restored and, in the examination room, connected through a “braid” with the modern tile-floor which is placed in the office area.
Colors and detailed lights take over the place. Warm hues dominate the open-floor space with intense lighting; while in the more private spaces, bright colors are used and move on to the ceiling.


Katerina Labri, Marilena Hatzivassiliou

Alexandros Kikinas


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