Earthy light

Earthy light

The design of the residence in Kapandriti is based on the relationship between man and landscape, especially earth. Located on a long and narrow, steep hillside plot, it unfolds in two overground levels and a basement, integrating along the site’s contour lines. The street level entrance is formed by two parallel load-bearing walls that flank the staircase and, tearing up the ground, lead to the interior. Upon entering the house, visual contact with the remaining landscape is interrupted, with only the sky as guidance. In contrast, the underground entry converses with the landscape and the soil in a mystical atmosphere created by two skylight strips and two wall openings with views to the ground and soil. The ground floor houses the private zone with the bedrooms. All openings here are externally panelled with the same cladding as the façade and open or close according to the users’ will for unification with or isolation from the landscape. There is also a study where a window-shop opening showcases the section from bottom ground to top grass, with large rocks in the background. Another window-shop opening on the floor lights up and frames the ground and the foundations of the house. In contrast to the ground floor, the first floor, comprising the unified communal zone with the sitting and dining areas and the kitchen, is surrounded by glass, allowing views of Lake Marathon to become part of the living space. A ceiling mounted fireplace with a transparent fire-resistant glass back enables views to the landscape through it. The kitchen at the rear can be separated by two transparent glass doors. The kitchen bench becomes a table at its middle, in front of a floor to ceiling glass panel facing the soil, in contrast to the remaining openings with landscape views. A staircase leads to the green roof and through a bridge, links to the landscape, ending straight to the surrounding area and the swimming pool. The latter, half cantilevered and half embedded, is placed higher than the residence, allowing more surrounding area. Its glass frontage renders its watery mass visible from afar.

Design by:

Dionisis Sotovikis, Eva Tsouni,Kirki Mariolopoulou, Chrissa Skiada


Photos by:

©Erieta Attali, Vangelis Paterakis

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