Earthy tones

The study is about redesigning an existing building and converting it into a house that meets all contemporary requirements. The main elements of the site are on the one hand the island of Spinalonga, at the east and on the other hand, the steep, vertical rocks towards the north.

The residence consists of a ground floor space, which includes the living areas and the pool on the patio, as well as a floor that accommodates two bedrooms with their bathrooms. A metal structure includes a WC and the staircase, through which one can access the first floor. Due to the limited space area, the main purpose of the design was to eliminate the boundaries between the living room and the patio. This is achieved by transferring the boundary from the existing building to the interior, by breaking the parallel, and by using a single flooring material indoors and outdoors.

The main materials of the composition are marble, wood, as well as local stone, a natural material that dominates the composition of the facade, forming vertical openings in different scales, translating elements of the region’s history and make them contemporary.

Photos by:
Dimosthenis Kouros

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