EKEP was founded in 2018 as a transmitter of high-quality cultural commodities on the field of books and visual arts.

Located in Athens opposite the Kallimarmaro Stadium in a 1960’s high-end apartment, EKEPs space should reflect its high-quality background while at the same time propel an equal dialogue with the unique vintage qualities of the existing space.

Programmatically apart of the required offices, the new space should mainly house the 20.000+ books of EKEPs special book collection and create old paintings archive, preservation & restoration lab, a reading/studying room, a meeting/dining room, and a display corner for its limited book editions.

Minimal, full height libraries with continuous linear shelves running from on room to the other offer the illusion of a large, unified space while creating a warm atmosphere through its layout and materiality.

High quality craftsmanship and passion was a key role to this project as the contradiction of the contemporary design with the top-quality vintage architectural details was a real challenge. All the new furniture were designed from scratch in high construction detail to meet in balance with the existing vintage furniture of the foundation.

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