From Winter to Spring Clubhouse

From Winter to Spring Clubhouse

The project concerns the internal configuration of a 2000m2 area clubhouse in Nanjing, old capital of China. The aim was to underline the spiritual level of materials by stripping them to their essence, in order to create a space that exudes calm and subsequently, well-being for the users.

In the design process, the building is regarded as a poetic imagination, and the project conveys a philosophy of confronting loneliness in stride. Strict business tones are deliberately avoided so as to create a welcoming atmosphere where guests can feel at home. Minimalism is easy to be cold; in order to avoid this, great attention is paid to the colour and texture of materials. The very light hue of the oak wood veneer and oak floor adds light and comfort to the overall space, while the applied non-opaque paper renders the light soft and warm, thus becoming “very welcoming”.

The temperament and charm of a space hides in the nature of its site. Despite the appealing greenery of the western and northern sides of the building, lack of windows on both sides alienated it from the surrounding environment. Therefore, the first step of design was window cutting, despite the construction difficulties, and selecting especially large-size insulating glass.
The resulting 13 pieces of glass form 13 giant paintings, bringing the outside scenery in front of people like scroll paintings. The different light and shadow effects in different time actually make the number of dynamic pictures far more than 13. The changing seasonal scenery is thus seamlessly integrated with the living indoors, in harmony with nature.

Photos by:

Zhang Jing 
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