A 600m² Underground Venue Revamped into a Modern Fitness Center

Redefining Urban Entertainment

The 600m² underground space located in the heart of Nicosia, once a bustling nightclub, has undergone a remarkable transformation. It has been reborn as a cutting-edge fitness center. The design concept was initially outlined in an architectural program, which gradually evolved and enriched over time.

The Ground-Level Entrance

The journey begins on the ground floor, where visitors encounter a captivating and abstract concept. The glass façade features tinted films that alter the perception of the space, creating a dynamic interplay of light and color, infusing an urban vibrancy before descending further.

A Unique Retail Experience

Midway through the underground space, there’s a retail station offering various fitness products. As you continue your descent to the final underground level, you’ll find the reception, the fuel bar, and a central axis running parallel to the two primary workout areas: the boxing and boot camp zones, positioned directly across from each other, with a space for relaxation in between.

The 25m Corridor

A remarkable 25-meter corridor, featuring a sloping ceiling that alters perspectives and scale, serves as a communication bridge between the main usage area and auxiliary functions located at the far end of the underground level. These functions include hygiene facilities, showers, changing rooms, lockers, staff areas, and gym technology rooms. Additionally, the corridor functions as a pre-warm-up and stretching area for fitness enthusiasts and a versatile space for alternative artistic activities in the near future.

A Palette Inspired by the Walls

The unveiling of the colorful surfaces on the walls during the demolition phase played a significant role in shaping the overall aesthetic. A burst of colors harmonizes with the raw concrete surfaces. In the communal areas, the floor is constructed on-site using black pigmented concrete, while the workout rooms feature specialized flooring. Each workout room is equipped with appropriate soundproofing, audio technology, and atmospheric lighting, ensuring a unique and dynamic workout experience. The intensity of colors guides an experiential journey, ultimately finding a balanced and serene color palette in the auxiliary spaces, characterized by shades of gray alongside white and black tones.

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