The answer to the trajectory of the economical crisis can be found in advanced techniques and technologies based on the need for a new way of thinking. Following these technological and construction advances, design and contemporary Architecture is gladly forced to propose innovation as a solution to the economical constraints; thus, the biggest chance for new ideas to create space. With this in mind, ‘Garden with House’ emerged.

On site, taking down a tree demanded its replacement with fifteen new trees. Constraint became opportunity, deciding to organize the areas of the house around interior and exterior green spaces keeping the existing trees in place. This movement gave a sustainable character to the house, giving it the ability to ‘breath’ almost naturally through the air compression at obvious and strategic points of the perimeter and air release in the main atrium.

The form of the project is a result of a series of typological studies on a primary unit that repeats itself, rotates, splits, mutates in order to create interior and exterior gardens for the house. The overall synthesis has an extrovert character allowing in the surrounding space to penetrate the interior of the house. The sensation of what is ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ is inverted. The borders of interior and exterior space are thin and always negotiable.

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