Blending Contrasting Elements

Designing a Home of Contrasts

The dwelling stands as a beautiful amalgamation of opposing materials intricately interwoven to form delightful spaces for everyday living. A captivating blend of design elements results in an enchanting ambiance that nurtures comfort and functionality.

Elegant Entrance: A Gateway of White

A pure, white frame adorns the facade, offering a striking entrance from the street. This structure gracefully embraces and softens the rugged terrain of the plot, creating a threshold where the public and private realms harmoniously meet.

Impressive Concrete Frame: Embracing Living Spaces

The main building of the residence, situated directly behind the entrance frame, boasts an impressive concrete structure enveloping the bedrooms, office, and playroom. Inside, the entire interior volume is adorned with horizontal or vertical wooden planks, complementing the concrete frame. The design vision emphasized large, uncluttered surfaces, achieved through selectively foldable sections of the wooden cladding, which reveal hidden bathrooms or sheltered verandas. The wooden surfaces feature only two fixed openings—one in the office and one in the playroom—while any openings within the concrete frame are carefully designed as slender slits, preserving the dominant impression of the surface.

Elevated Design: The Upper Floor

The upper floor rests on a retractable volume clad in gray metallic panels, extending from the ground floor as a base and projecting outwards as a cantilever. This area encompasses both enclosed and open spaces, accommodating the shared functions of the dwelling, including the entrance, kitchen, dining area, and living room. The kitchen, designed as a linear counter, seamlessly connects to the living room, with the option of isolation through large sliding glass doors.

Strategic Illumination: Privacy and Transparency

While communal areas facing the street have minimal openings, natural light elegantly permeates through strategically positioned skylights in the ceiling. In contrast, the garden-facing side is characterized by generous transparency, achieved through expansive glass panels, which double in height along the vertical axis. The fireplace, defining the boundary between the living room and dining area, gracefully extends its volume to become an outdoor feature, effortlessly bridging the gap between the interior and exterior spaces.

Materials and Accents: A Harmonious Palette

The interior ambiance is skillfully dominated by a unified wooden floor and exposed concrete with visible wood grain on the ceilings. White plastered walls and visible structural elements retain the natural hue of cement. Selected spots feature white pseudo-ceilings, concealing air-conditioning installations. Additionally, dark gray metal accents accentuate the entrance door and window frames, adding an elegant touch to the overall design.

An Exercise in Fusion

The residence stands as a testament to the exquisite fusion of contrasting materials, creating a harmonious and delightful environment. Experience the marriage of architectural elements, where elegance meets functionality, and modern design embraces timeless aesthetics. This harmonious composition promises a dwelling that perfectly blends the essence of daily living with the allure of refined architecture.


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