HELIARCH Architectural Awards 2017

The exhibition of the Architectural Awards 2017, established by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture,  will be inaugurated on September 20 at the Benaki Museum Pireos St. Annexe.

The projects honoured with either an award, a commendation or a distinction, were selected from a shortlist of 20, which were in turn chosen by the selection committee of the first phase of the competition in July; among the 92 members were Stavros Gyftopoulos, Alexandros Zomas, Anastasios Kotsiopoulos (Heliarch Βoard members), Alexandros Vaitsos, Stephan Bürger, Iro Bertaki and Sofia Tsiraki, (as representatives of the 2013 Award winners). The election committee members of the second phase of the competition were Ilias Konstantopoulos (Heliarch chairman – coordinator of the committee), Anastasios Kotsiopoulos, Alexandros Vaitsos, Stephan Bürger, Iro Bertaki and Sofia Tsiraki. In the Residence category, Inside-Out apartment building in Neo Psychiko by Nikos Ktenàs Αrchitecture won the award, and four additional commendations were granted. Three commendations were awarded to projects in the Renovation category, while no accolades were granted to the Mixed use Buildings category.


Category: Residence


  • Apartment Building | Inside – Out
    Design by: Nikos Ktenàs


  • Hansen, Apartment Building in Athens
    Design by: AREA, Architecture Research Athens – Styliani Daouti, Giorgos Mitroulias, Michael Raftopoulos
  • Monochord_house in Agria, Magnesia
    Design by: Zissis Kotionis
  • Residence in Megara
    Design by: Tense Architecture Network – Tilemachos Andrianopoulos, Kostas Mavros
  • H_Orizon | Summer House in Antiparos
    Design by: Vois architects – Fania Sinaniotis, Katerina Vordoni, Martha Georgiou


  • Cabin | summer house in Ancient Olympia
    Design by: Angeles Mira
  • Architect’s Villas |Two stone houses in Mani
    Design by: hhh architects | Nikitas Hatzimichalis, Ioanna Holeva

Category: Mixed Use Buildings


  • Olive oil factory at Pylos
    Design by: Dimitris Thomopoulos & Associate Architects
  • Sustainable cultural facilities in the urban context of Western Thessaloniki. Cultural center and theatre at the Municipality of Ampelokipi – Menemeni
    Design by: Nikos Kalogirou, Prodromos Vasiliadis, Telis Vasiliadis, Viki Eftaxa, Niovi Karamitrou, Dimitris Simonis, Alexia Filippou
  • Anhhinga | Beach Club in Mugla, Turkey
    Design by: K-studio
  • 4th Municipal Nursery in Glyfada
    Design by: KLab Architecture –Konstantinos Labrinopoulos
  • Apivita – Hive | Industrial and Office BuildingDesign by: Stella Pantelia, Zoe Balabani, Nikos Georgoussis
  • Center for Plasma Physics and Lasers (CPPL)
    Design by: sparch Sakellaridou/Papanikolaou Architects

Category: Renovation


  • Hydrama Grand Hotel|Conversion of the Spierer tobacco warehouse into a fivestar hotel, Agia Varvara Springs, Drama
    Design by: 3SK Stylianidis Architects
  • Element Shipmanagement S.A. Office Renovation, Piraeus
    Design by: Giorgos Aggelis, Katerina – Olympia Daskalaki
  • Renovation of an office space into an apartment, Ag. Georgiou Karitsi Sq., Athens
    Design by: Fotis Zapantiotis


  • The reuse and the transformation of the former Tobacco Industry «Matsaggos» in Volos into a University Building (Department of Economics, University of Thessaly)
    Design by: Kostas Adamakis Aristotle Theocharopoulos Costas Progkidis
  • Renovation of a country house in Nio Chorio, Apokoronas, Chania
    Design by: Aristomenis Varoudakis
  • Vacation House in Tinos. Transformation of an old barn into a house with the addition of a new floor
    Design by: Aristides S. Dallas | Architecture Studio
  • Multiform Apartment
    Design by: Stelios Tsaparas

21 September – 19 November

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