Modern Revival

Athens-based Amalgama Architects have renovated a 230spm apartment for a young couple. The apartment is housed in α four-storey apartment building on Heyden Street, designed by architect Dimitris Pikionis, with partner architect Nikolaos Mitsakis. D. Pikionis creates a modern building in which he will incorporate elements from various elements of Greek architecture, in details of the facades, in the use of materials as well as in the design of the interior spaces and furniture. The architects -in collaboration with the new owners- decided the aesthetic approach of the design, aiming to highlight the poetic dimension of the space and consequently to formulate an alternative way of living.

The basic features of the apartment were kept intact. The kitchen was unified with the dining room, creating a large space of co-existing uses. The unification of the spaces also worked beneficially for their natural lighting as the large openings let natural light into a cozy and comfortable space. A shower was installed in the existing wc, to create a second bathroom. The goal of the new spaces is to meet the functional needs of the owners’ daily life. Vivid colors have been applied throughout the apartment, creating a playful interplay with the terrazzo-wooden floors and the wall colors.

Entering the flat, the intense green color space welcomes the visitors. The living room is in the center of the living areas, between the dining room and the office. The spaces are separated by wooden doors which have been kept intact. The central element of the living room is a – custom made library design by the architects made of metal and wood. Opening the sliding wooden doors, the living room joins the office where a red wall highlights the existing wooden furniture, which the owners decided to keep. The corridor that leads to the individual spaces is colored with two shades, highlighting its geometry. In the kitchen green pastel tones are chosen with orange details on the wall.

All the terrazzo floors were restored. In the new bathroom, dark red marble is used with the same shade covering the shower area, while the ceiling is painted deep green, creating a strong contrast. White marble is used in the existing bathroom, giving a sense of purity and elegance. The furniture and mirrors -made of metal and wood- are specially designed for the space. The rooms retain the existing wardrobes, while a deep blue wallpaper creates a cozy atmosphere and a sense of relaxation.


Amalgama Architects

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