Hill Cubes

The design aims to integrate the building into the local natural landscape and to incorporate its elements into the body of architecture. The main building volume is broken into smaller ones, differing in size and height according to their use; they are oriented to the south in a way that creates intermediate courtyards and allows uninterrupted natural light in all the interior spaces. This choice is grounded on the fact that life in Greece, especially during the summer months, is bound to the outdoors and to the courtyard space, which is one of the most distinguishing features of Cycladic vernacular architecture.

Access to the house begins from street level through a vertical flight of steps following the topography; all living spaces are on the same level with slight variations in height, creating viewing platforms or subdued, protected areas.

The living room is sunken to merge with the level of the swimming pool, creating two higher courtyards on its sides; one is sheltered under a pergola, creating stable shading conditions, and the other is planted with an olive tree, resulting in different lighting ambiences during the day. The outdoor bathroom is placed at a lower level for privacy, while intermediate landscaped strips act as a visual barrier.

The openings are placed in a way that frames different views and allows abundant light and ventilation with changing shadows, according to the time of the day.

The roofs are planted, both for integration into the landscape and for reducing the energy footprint of the building.


3d rendering:

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