House in Restelo

Built for a family of five in a small plot, at the south of a complex of multifamily housing buildings, the house is located in Restelo, near Belém. The neighborhood comprises single-family houses disposed in an amphitheater shape towards the Tagus river. The site is on the north limit of this set, in the transitional area between the two-storey housing and multifamily buildings with 4 floors.

The south facade of the house is the “face” of the long housing block; a monolith in exposed concrete that develops on four floors, seeking to establish different relationships with the water tank, the garden, and the view towards the river.

A conventional program for a large family is spread over all four floors. The ground floors accommodate the social areas, and the last two floors are reserved for the private areas. The ground floor is recessed from the main body of the house, creating a garden. This floor contains a family room, guest bedroom, storage, technical areas, and laundry. The entrance floor, where the living room and kitchen are located, uses a generous balcony that opens upon the garden and the water tank. The first floor contains the 3 children’s bedrooms organized around a patio, a gathering space. The top floor contains the bedroom and other spaces for the parents, ending on a generous balcony, a belvedere looking towards the river.

The stairs that link all floors are located on the north side of the house, establishing different relationships between the floors, uniting them in a single space. The south facade is designed with a set of balconies and patios, which generate depth, protecting the living spaces and disrupting the vertical scale of the house.


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