House in Skiathos

The two-story house is on top of the Acropolis hill, only 200m from the busiest and liveliest street of Skiathos town. The building rises 40m above the street, providing seamless views to the sea and an unexpected sense of privacy.

The restrained design is aligned to the North-South axis, benefitting from the panoramic 270º view to the Aegean and the town. The transition between common and private is done swiftly and accurately, following the same method of abstraction employed at the design of the house, creating an interior courtyard.

The main entrance leads to a spacious living room with an open plan kitchen and a stone-built wine cellar. The extension of the floor to the outside and the large openings integrate indoors and outdoors. The infinity pool, with cutting edge technology for maintaining the same temperature year-round, hovers in the outdoor area, blending with the horizon and the sea.

The outdoor space includes a lounge, a dining area, and a barbecue. Two floating staircases positioned at the opposite ends of the lounge, lead to the two independent volumes at the second floor, accommodating four comfortable bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

Those spaces touch upon each other and communicate through the sheltered, atmospheric courtyard. The stage is complete with an outdoor jacuzzi and matchless views towards the sea in the South and the nearby island of Tsougria.

The clear lines and the symmetry featured in the entire house, complemented with neutral greige colors in the indoor and outdoor areas, contribute to a contemporary minimalist feel.

Large openings allow uninterrupted views to the Aegean and bring abundant light to the interior; the custom-designed Cor-ten screen graces the sparse building, creating a focal point of interest.

All furniture, decorative elements and fabrics outline the bo-ho element in the house, to soften the austere minimalist straight lines, making the space more pleasant and accommodating.

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