House of parties

House of parties

The T shaped residence comprises two sections, the ‘parties’ section and the ‘family’ section and was designed so that its private areas can be separated from the communal space where the couple can entertain their guests unperturbed.

An orthogonal water element located along the home’s entrance further increases the visitor’s experience, welcoming him to the internal communal space. Emphasizing on its entertaining value, the communal space was placed at the centre of the property, thus creating a courtyard on either side, one on its facade and another at the rear. With internal height reaching six metres it was constructed as a unit that allows for the total nullification of the walls between the space and the outside. Glass display windows on both sides are pulled back into one side thus allowing the space to totally blend in with both the front and the rear courtyards. Around the cluster of windows, an aluminium framework made of different shapes adds dynamic to the space and regulates the light entering, creating a flow of light and shade throughout the day resembling a party of shadows dancing in the space. A pergola cools the outside seating area and functions as a “negative” to the windows’ aluminium frames, creating shadow play. During night time, the framework transforms into a filter for the artificial light as it flows outwards, creating a unique element of light to the facade and the rear elevation of the residence. Internally, the communal space’s central element is a wall along which there is a six meter high wine cooler and a ladder accessing the cooler’s shelves. A bar, as a piece of sculpture with unique sitting angles for guests, completes the space.

The second section of the building, the “family” zone contains the bedrooms and spaces for family activities. A bridge connects the “parties” and “family” sections via a central staircase, allowing for a visual connection between the spaces.

Photos by:

Amit Geron 
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