Huidekoperstraat 13-15, 17

Huidekoperstraat 13-15, 17 is a housing project by the Dutch practice Studio Hartzema, located in the historical center of Amsterdam. 11 apartments for an ensemble of two apartment buildings were commissioned by Boelens de Gruyter. The housing complex follows the original parcel of the street and its design is inspired by the timeless qualities of the archetypical Dutch house.

The two buildings have traditionally been the coach houses of the mansions on Frederiksplein. Although these no longer exist, the parcel layout still corresponds exactly to the historical design. In close collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam, the overall urban configurations were drawn up. The whole process was based on the parcel layout and the position of the Huidekoperstraat in relation to the Frederiksplein. The original passage from the coach house to the rear courtyard has also been restored.

Bringing together many separate elements has been accompanied by a high degree of restraint and accuracy in the overall composition. In fact, distinguishing the character two buildings on the one hand and taking into consideration their common historical origin on the other hand were key factors for the architectural design. The purity of the architectural, typological and design units is clearly manifested in the flatness of the facade and the clean-cut volumes. The overall expressiveness of the composition has been very subtle and refined.

Techical design:
Penta Architects 

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