Industrial Complex, Thessaloniki

Industrial Complex, Thessaloniki

The industrial complex is situated on the route that links Thessaloniki to Lakkoma in Chalkidiki. It covers 18.800m² and will house office buildings, exhibition centres and industrial buildings. The project, owned by a textile manufacturer, aims to bring to a single base its assets, currently dispersed across the centre of Thessaloniki. Planning includes 2.650m² of office space and exhibition rooms (design rooms, workshops and showrooms) and 8.600m² of industrial zones (department of imports and exports, warehouses and so forth). The 30° curve of the eastern wall (towards the road) is a predominant feature as well as the system of perforated metal gratings that run at a 120m arc. The curve resolves the problem of needing to position the main, narrow façade of an elongated building on a parallel axis to the highway. As a result the exhibition room has a greater “window display”, while it allows more time for motorists arriving at the company to recognize the complex. The curve of the perforated grating serves a similar purpose. It creates a second 120m long exterior wall to protect the glass façade on the eastern side from the sun and homogenizes the three independent structures that house the complex’s import and export offices and warehouses. At the same time it is a visual and sound barrier from the national highway. The interior of the first edifice houses the office spaces, the exhibition rooms, a restaurant and the design rooms -workshops. On the eastern side, behind the glass surface that faces the road, two floors accommodate the reception area (6,5m). A number of the exhibition rooms have similar vertical “funnels” in order to exhibit large textiles perpendicularly. The second building divides into imports and exports. Two external ramps regulate the loading and unloading of merchandise. The warehouses that cater the needs of the entire complex are located in the third building.

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