IntercityHotel 2.0


IntercityHotel 2.0

INTERCITYHOTEL was founded in 1987. The long-established German company is known for its good locations – primarily in Germany. Starting from 2017 the interior design is created in Italy by Matteo Thun and his Milanese team – with natural materials and soft colours. It generates lightness, generosity but yet privacy.
The designers collaborated with the company’s hotel professionals developed ZERO Design, something that is familiar and yet leads to a new experience.
According to the designers: “Aesthetic and technical durability are the main characteristics of all IntercityHotels. It is the result of a long tradition of evolutionary advancement. It is about simplicity and clarity. It is more than just simple – it creates an emotional connection between host and guest, against fast and short consumption, so that the design life cycle should be long-lasting. (Refurbishment Cycles about 12 years).
IntercityHotel’s living-room-atmosphere is the result of the specially created menu at the 24 hours Welcome Bar – not through a trendy interior.
IntercityHotel 2.0 follows the concept of three Zeros:
0 KM = local materials, local personal, local guests at the Welcome Bar
0 CO2 = optimized energy concept
0 garbage = easy disposal, material separation, controlled life-cycle management”.
Haptic surfaces evoking the desire to touch and the greenery in the lobby establishing confidence in the freshness of the gastronomic range complete the beauty of the interior.

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©Hiepler, Brunier

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