The three-story house, located on an urban area, is shaped by its surroundings, since the site slopes downward from the street towards the rear side.

This inclination is used as starting point of the tension created by the ascending roof with a perimeter slit opening and characteristic whiteness that, shared by the outdoor wall, presents a unified composition towards the side of the street. A white bridge floating above the landscaped garden at a lower level connects the street to the residence. The contrasting lines of the ascending roof and descending plot are reflected on the white iron revolving lattice of the facade, refracting the light in a frozen dance full of play, indoors. Lines which trace the same diagonals also characterize the volume of the white iron staircase with upward tapered steps, which is surrounded by extensive glazing, diffusing light like a prism to the interior as well as connecting the three levels of the house.

The ground floor level comprises the communal spaces in open plan configuration interpolated with semi-outdoor sitting areas, while separating the two levels of large en-suite bedrooms on the basement and first floor respectively. The vertical gardens of the perimeter walls, the strategically placed orthogonal water features, the English yard, as well as a lowered level sitting area by the linear swimming pool, create a pleasant and cooling environment to which both private and communal spaces can open out, via large sliding glass panels.

These glass panels, apart from filling the voids of the building’s white metal structure, allow the reflections of water and light to create constant movement to the interior; a movement initially dictated by the sun and wind, and completed by the continuously changing viewing angle of each user. Besides a few complimentary and neutral grey shades on the furniture, white predominates chromatically on walls and ceilings, becoming an ideal canvas for intricate shadows, while dispersed metal elements on the lights, staircase and selected artworks add their own reflections to the choreography.

Thus, the morphic impression of the interior and the elevations of the house shell is constantly transformed with every look and movement. Every use of space requires sensory awareness and wakefulness. Every moment is a new one-time occurrence, where sunlight falls on the building components providing a never before seen unique performance, enforcing the user’s presence in the space.

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