Jiyu Spa

According to Freud, experience is an instant fantasy, it is a recollection of the past and a feeling of the present. In this project, visitors are immersed in a large-scaled peaceful image, where the senses are awakened and the feelings are represented. The word “feeling” is the key to the whole design. What it conveyed is a desire to explore sympathy; since sympathy is the radar people use to explore the world.

Therefore, a dramatic effect is created by the transparent and reflective glass storefronts, which are used to showcase the hidden content, to freeze moments in time, to express feelings and to show the balance between light, shadow and surroundings. It takes visitors away from everyday life and exposes them in a space where depth is blurred. In such mysterious place, people will slowly relax. One could see the light touching everything and hear the flowers gradually blooming. Here, not only the human body, but also the mind purifies.

Photos by:

Zhang Jing

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