The housing block built in the 70’s on Joan Margall Street in Madrid, replicated the distribution paradigm of the time, managing to fit two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a living room and a kitchen in 40m2. The independent rooms strictly complied with the necessary functional minimums, reducing each one’ s potential size

The proposed transformation is radically opposed to this principle, dismantling the divisions between spaces and dissolving the limits of the uses associated with each of them. A central core integrates all the facilities of the house, being the toilet the only element that can be isolated. The rest of materials, uses and rooms merge and contaminate each other, so that the tenants sleep in the bathroom as well as they shower in the living room. A piece of white tiling symbolically marks the wet uses that are present throughout the house, completely coating the central piece and the floors near it.

As an opposite strategy, rails included in the ceilings draw the blueprint of a totally different space, closed by curtains of different materials that give shelter or privacy to the proposed uses. A curtain of quilts surrounds the space where the bed is located while a folded felt curtain creates an independent study capsule.

Design by:
Maru Serrano

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