This beach house is located at the Atlantic coast of Argentina, 400m from the beach, in a location where the sound of the sea is constant. This “L” configuration allows to separate the more public spaces of the house from the more private ones, articulating all spaces through three patios that capture the light. The house is introverted towards its front façade, providing privacy as well as a sense of mystery. A compact “box”, where the attention is shifted to the pedestrian ramp, that finishes at the residence’s entrance patio.

The interior/exterior relationship is fluid, the residence experiences the landscape in a direct way, since it is surrounded by the existent vegetation. At the north facade, the floor to ceiling openings frame the view towards the forest. The site is uneven as it rises from front to back, so the house has to adjust: the public spaces are positioned at the sides of the site and set at +0.5 meters. The more private spaces are set at +0.9 meters.

The residence is made our of noble materials: masonry, concrete structure and wood. At the living room, dining room and kitchen the exposed concrete slab is the main element, as local wood was used for the formwork, leaving its print at the ceiling. There is a clear opposition between the dark exterior and the whiteness of the interior. The patios, which generate reflections in the interiors, along with the constant sound of the sea make this house a place to truly rest and relax.

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