New Architecture Office in Athens

The new creative space is housed in an office building constructed in the 50’s, located in the heart of the “historical-commercial triangle” of Athens. It was considered a unique challenge since this specific area embodies the main principles of the office design philosophy: History and aesthetics mixed with city buzz and fusion eclecticism translated into today’s social needs.

The architects had a very limited space to work with – so they decided to reconfigure the whole layout and start from scratch. This was the only way to accommodate a fully operational space in limited footage. The intention is to create a mixture of “indoors and outdoors effect” combined with a “home element” to make the space inviting for both users and visitors. New office spaces, especially after the pandemic experience, have shifted from “clean cut” impersonal environments to an interacting nature evolving home centered habitat.

Hence, plants were introduced not only for decoration, but also for mixing the indoor lines with the outdoor limits. This is expected to evolve in time as plants grow. The design production space is formulated as an “open market kiosk” creating an illusion of city buzz and creative ideas laboratory. It separates from the rest of the office with sliding glass doors where plants act as a natural visual curtain. The meeting space is perceived as a house dining area drenched in natural light and vintage furniture.

All openings were resized to bring as much “city imagery and light” as possible into the space. The approach is to introduce more character into office space with less universal aesthetics – eventually making it a “home”. The working atmosphere aims to achieve a combination of functionality and individuality which also form the main ingredients of the firm’s design principles. The intent is to project the office’s aesthetic identity and provide a creative environment for all project participants whether they are clients, visitors, friends or collaborators.


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