Landscapes of metabolism

The objective of the proposal is the ecological and environmental rehabilitation and transformation of the altered lignite mining landscape, into a productive and fertile land, preserving the memory of the space. Using ecology as the regulator of reconstruction processes, a new local entity is created, with new uses that will function as a pole of attraction. The intervention acts as a strategy developed on four thematic axes of organization: ecology, circulation, production and landscape.

The central idea is born out of the need to create a structural spine-network system, that will organize the space, clear the area boundaries and stitch it into the existing site as a regeneration of the existing landscape. The need for environmental enrichment and restoration of ecological structure and biodiversity has led to landscape management as a succession of agricultural and forest zones. This system, in synergy with the circulation network, geometrizes and interconnects the boundaries of the study area, the individual spatial units and the habitats. The result produced is governed by local metabolic processes, producing a series of landscapes of different characters and qualities. Through these gestures, the proposal aims to unify and integrate existing land fragments into a new continuous landscape, that is in constant ecological change, while offering a rich program of uses and potential for the local community.


External collaborators:

George Dimitropoulos – Spatial Planer, Georgia Kountouri – Architect

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