Lestel Boutique suites

Lestel Boutique suites are located at the center of Nafplio, on a floor of a 1960’s building, that was recently renovated and converted into three independent apartments, combining elements of the past and the future.

The original floor organization was kept untouched, as the study’s goal was to maintain the interior layout as a reference to the apartment buildings of that era. The living room, the rooms and the kitchen were arranged around the central hallway. So today, this large area with the plaster decorative elements and the old chandelier welcomes guests before going to their individual rooms.

The old mosaics and cement tiles have been preserved and remained as authentic elements of the building and its era of construction, while the communal outdoor area, covered with mosaic slabs in a checkerboard formation, is suitable for relaxation in the spring and summer months.

Photos by:

Pygmalion Karatzas

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