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Letter from London: Greek students of architecture and architects in the United Kingdom, 1955-2015

SNFCC 364, Syggrou Av.

16th December 2017


ek magazine architectural editions and the Hellenic Institute of Architecture organize a scientific workshop on Greek students of architecture and architects in the United Kingdom, 1955-2015.

Successive generations of Greek architects realized post-war undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the UK, mainly in London, York and Edinburgh, and some then taught at major universities (London Polytechnic, Architectural Association, Bartlett/UCL, etc.) which greatly influenced British as well as international architecture throughout the second half of the 20th century. Their experience there was then moved to Greece through their designed and built work, but also through their teaching in Greek architectural schools, ultimately affecting the evolution of Greek architecture to a large extent.

The scientific workshop in December 2017 will seek to explore these influences, but also to focus on the actual content of architectural studies in the United Kingdom in the period 1955-2015, content that reflects the development of theoretical reflection and successive architectural movements period, which erased a parallel, but not identical procedure with those of the rest of Europe.


Some known cases of Greek architects that classify under the problematic of the event, whose works will be the source of the content of a book to be issued as part of the workshop, are:


First generation:

Constantinos Dekavallas(1955-56/ UCL), Elias Zenghelis- Gigantes Zenghelis Architects (AA, 1956-61, professor after 1973), Demetri Porphyrios (taught at the AA, the Polytechnic of Central London and the Royal College of Art), Spyros Amourgis (1958-63/ The Polytechnic London [Westminster University], visiting tutor at the AA, 1967-68), Nikos Kalogeras (researcher at I.A.A.S., University of York, 1970-71), Aristides Romanos (ΜPhil., University of London, taught at the ΑΑ), Anastasios Kotsiopoulos (PhD, Edinburgh, 1980), Solon Xenopoulos (MA UCL, 1985. Worked at Douglas Stephen 1967, Erno Goldfinger 1968, Clifford Wearden 1969-72, Williams & Winkley 1972-5).


Second generation:

Yannis Kizis – KIZIS Architects (York, 1977), Spyros Raftopoulos (IAAS, York 1979-80. Worked with Manning, Clamp & Partners 1970-2), Theodoros Pantzaris (MA UCL, 1970), Elias Veneris (Architectural Association, 1973-78), George Makris (MA AA, 1978), John Peponis (BSc, MSc, PhD UCL 1976-1983), Ioannis Zachariadis (Manchester, 1975-1978 and ΑΑ, 1979-81, ΑΑ tutor, 1981-84), Thanasis Spanomaridis (Architectural Association, 1981), Kalliope Kontozoglou (Polytechnic of Central London and Architectural Association, 1981, ΑΑ tutor 1982-86), Andreas Kourkoulas – ΚOKKINOU+KOURKOULAS Architects (ΑΑ, 1980-81, PhD Bartlett/ UCL, 1986) – Maria Kokkinou – ΚOKKINOU+KOURKOULAS Architects (Bartlett/U.C.L., 1979 – 1981), Ilias Konstantopoulos (Bartlett/UCL, 1980), Aris Zambikos – Gr405 Architects (Architectural Association).


Third generation:

Konstantina Demiri (PhD Edinburgh, 1986), Katerina Valsamaki – Katerina Valsamaki Architects (ΑΑ, 1984), Nelly Marda (Bartlett/UCL, 1985, PhD Bartlett/UCL, 1996, Associate professor at Greenwich University, 1990-98), Vassilis Ganiatsas (PhD, Edinburgh 1987), Rena Sakellaridou – Sparch Architects (PhD Bartlett/UCL, 1994), Ariadni Vozani (ΜArch Bartlett/ UCL , PhD Architectural Association, 1998, taught at the AA 1997-98), Sophia Psarra (PhD Bartlett/UCL, 1997, Bartlett/UCL tutor), Marina Lathouri (AA tutor), Dionisis Sotovikis (AA, 1996).


Fourth generation:

Nicolas Travasaros – Divercity Architects (MA UCL, architectural activity in London), Leonidas Koutsoumbos (PhD Edinburgh, 2009), Dimitris and Konstantinos Karampatakis – k-studio (Bartlett/UCL), Stelios Giamarelos (PhD Bartlett/UCL, 2016, Bartlett/UCL tutor), Costandis Kizis – KIZIS Architects (PhD Architectural Association, 2016, teaches at the AA and Leeds Beckett University), Platon Issaias (Bartlett/UCL).


List of speakers


1. Spyros Amourgis

2. Nikos Kalogeras

3. Solon Xenopoulos

4. Thanasis Koutrouvelis

5. Anastasios Kotsiopoulos

6. Yannis Kizis



1. Lois Papadopoulos

2. Theodoros Maravelias

3. George Fatseas

4. Leonidas Koutsoumbos

5. Konstantinos Karampatakis

6. Christina Achtypi



1. Aristides Romanos

2. Thanasis Spanomaridis

3. Kalliope Kontozoglou

4. Stephan Buerger

5. Alexandros Kallegias

6. Ariadni Vozani



1. John Peponis

2. Ilias Konstantopoulos

3. Nelly Marda

4. Rena Sakellaridou

5. Pieros Pieris, Stella Pieris

6. Sophia Psarra




ek magazine, Hellenic Institute of Architecture


Panagiotis Tsakopoulos, Ilias Konstantopoulos
Gold sponsor:

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