LG OLED Gallery Stand

LG OLED Gallery TV, with a minimalist look, is a new technology screen for domestic use, appearing like an artwork. With its Gallery design, 20mm slender frame and exclusively developed LG OLED Gallery Stand for placement on the floor, the LG television becomes a singular ornamental piece.

Appearing like a tripod, the accompanying stand and accessory LG OLED Gallery Stand, allows the television to be placed freely in space, like an artist’s easel, endowing the screen with a floating impression. The cable management system was designed with a premium appearance, and it is made to look like a stand in an art gallery: the power cord is held inside a special channel on the back leg of the base, and the height of the television is adjustable. On the back side, LG OLED Gallery Stand may further accommodate cables, power sockets and appliances.

The Gallery series design would not have been possible without the OLED technology, an unmatched LG field of expertise. The exceptionally slender OLED frame allowed designers to pursue the uniquely thin and elegant screen they had visualized, and to see it become real.

The LG OLED technology operates without back lighting; self-illuminating pixels provide a new experience of vision: Perfect lines, incredibly slim margin, and exceptionally elegant design. The only thing visible is the screen and nothing else.

At the core of its design, OLED Gallery is a comprehensive screen that can blend in harmoniously into any given space – a notion that LG designers refer to as “added spatial value”.





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