LG OLED TV at the “Non-Returns” Exhibition by Sotiris Danezis

Sotiris Danezis “returns” to areas on the planet, marked by wars and humanitarian crises, to present his outstanding stories through photographic works, personal items, and six transmedia docs, featured on 65’’ LG OLED TV screens.

The third solo exhibition of the acclaimed reporter, entitled “Non-Returns”, is a joint production of the Municipality of Piraeus and the Philosophy and Photography Laboratory, with LG OLED TV as Technology Sponsor; it is open to the public from April 15 at the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus.

The new artistic endeavor of Sotiris Danezis, curated by Vangelis Ioakimidis, includes more than 300 photographic works, installations, projections, and stills from his documentary. For the first time on display, personal items brought with him back to Greece, testify to his missions and documented histories as memorabilia-traces.

At the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus, visitors wander through three different spaces and more than 12 thematic units, in conjunction with digital works. This memorable experience culminates in six 65’’ LG OLED screens positioned along the space, featuring stills from the “voyage” of Sotiris Danezis, breathing life with the exceptional clarity provided by their self-illuminating pixels technology. The 100% color accuracy of OLED screens, faithfully depicts the colors of the original image; therefore, what you see is displayed exactly as the author had intended, assigning outstanding realism to the content, contributing to a singular viewer experience. LG OLED, with limitless contrast, the deepest black, the richest colors and the realistic image quality, results in catching everyone’s gaze, while the new, redesigned panel improves the light wavelengths and offers an optimized viewing experience. Furthermore, the LG OLED 65’’ stands out in its exceptionally slim design and far-reaching innovation, depicting every photographic detail to perfection. 

At the exhibition opening, Sotiris Danezis received -among others- the Mayor of Piraeus, Yannis Moralis, and members of the City Board, as well as: Yannis Stankoglou, Giorgos Perris, Christina Kontova, Constantinos Voyatzis, Orestis Karydas, and Eliana Chryssikopoulou.

The exhibition is open every day from 10.00 to 14.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00; it will run until May 29th, 2022.




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