Liquid Glacial Collection

Liquid Glacial Collection

Liquid Glacial is a collection encompassing tables, stools, a chair and centrepiece that each resembles ice-formations. Their geometries appear transformed from solid to fluid by the subtle waves rippling below the surface. Embedding formal complexity and refraction within a powerful fluid dynamic, the pieces can be displayed together in various configurations as a landscape frozen in time, or as stand-alone pieces. Hand-polished to a pristine finish, the collection is milled in clear and coloured acrylics that convey depth and complexity through an ever-changing kaleidoscope of refractions. The Liquid Glacial collection will be exhibited at the David Gill Gallery, 2-4 King Street, London until July 4th. Two stools from the collection will be auctioned at the Masterpiece London Art Gala in aid of the the UK children’s charity, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) on June 30th.

Photos by:

Martin Slivka, Jacopo Spilimbergo, Matthew Farrand

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