Little House

The Little House is located into a lush forest, overlooking Hood Canal. The simple form is abstracted against the forest – a stark exterior contrasting a warm bright interior.

Design intentions focused on creating a compact, modern structure that was both simple and inexpensive to build. Intentionally restrained on the footprint of an existing foundation, the concept grew from this premise – a simple box with large carved openings in both the roof and walls, that selectively embrace the views.

A thin canopy marks the entry and frames views of the Canal below. The more transparent north and west elevations pull the landscape and distant views into the space. Taut oxidized black cedar and blackened cement infill panels clad the exterior, while lightly painted MDF panels and soft pine plywood warm and brighten the interior. Skylights carve into the roof, bringing light and star views over the bed and into the shower. On a sunny western corner of the house a large patio reaches out into the landscape and connects the building to the site and the trail system wandering down to the water’s edge.

The small footprint ultimately served as an effective tool to govern the design process. The resulting project hopes to capture the essence of the modern cabin – small but much larger than its boundaries.

Photos by:

Andrew Pogue

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