Material Matters vol.2

Since 2019, ek architectural magazine introduced a new cycle of talks on the importance of materiality in the architectural and construction output of Greece.

“Each material has its own message”

Frank Lloyd Wright

Featuring theoretical approaches and works by Greek architects, the aim of these events is to showcase how a series of contemporary and traditional materials can convey form, function and, ultimately, meaning to architecture and design. The presentations will focus on the history of each material, its structural and expressive properties, as well as its potential for further development in the light of technological and economic change.

The second conference, scheduled for Saturday, October 10th, 2020, two consecutive sessions*,  will be dedicated to aluminium: This material features prominently in the Greek industrial production and presents many challenges for architecture and construction.

10 speakers from the architecture and design community will elaborate on the role of aluminium in their own work, through live 10-minute presentations.


– Rena Sakellaridou | RS Sparch

– Nikolas Travassaros | Divercity Architects

– Pavlos Chatziangelidis | 314 Architecture Studio

– Alessandro Murru | AZML Studio

– Natassa Lianou & Ermis Chalvatzis | LC Architects

– Lukas Bobotis | Bobotis+Bobotis Architects

– Nikolas Patsavos | Ctrl_Space Lab

– Thodoris Makridis | Makridis Associates

– George Atsalakis | Scapearchitecture

– Andreas Vardas | Vardastudio


* Because of the exceptional conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in compliance with the necessary measures and precautions as prescribed by the government, the architectural event Material Matters Vol. 2, scheduled for Saturday, October 10th, 2020, will take place in two consecutive, identical sessions (morning – afternoon) with the exact same framework, speakers and duration. The reason for repeating the talks is to secure sufficient social distancing among seated persons and to avoid congestion.



ek magazine


SNFCC, Lighthouse


October 10th 2020


Morning session 11:00
Afternoon session 16:00

Ariadni Vozani, Stavros Martinos
Under the auspices:
Hellenic Institute of Architecture
Gold Sponsor:
Silver Sponsor:


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