Material Matters vol1: Beton

Ek magazine organized on Friday, May 17th at KPISN, a conference devoted to a material that has determined both the international and the modern architecture in Greece: Concrete. This event was the first of a series of annual conferences introduced by ek magazine with the goal to highlight the importance of a series of modern and traditional materials in rendering form, function and meaning to contemporary architecture, through theory and work by Greeks architects.

The ability of the concrete to be reinforced, to produce plastic forms when it is casted, but also the different treatments it can receive, make it a protagonist of the contemporary architectural scene, while at the same time it was attributed with almost “sacred” properties. During the event distinguished architecture professors and architects presented, through their work, the way this material contributed to the expression of their synthetic approaches in all design scales and construction, and the possibilities of using it in new terms, through the evolution of technology. The event was very successful with an audience of more than 600 people, demonstrating the wide interest of the people in material poetics. The speakers were presented by Stavros Martinos, an architect and member of the magazine’s editorial team, while the general curation of the event was undertaken by magazines’ editorial director Ariadne Vozani, ass. professor NTUA, who, in her short introductory speech, set the conference’s framework.

The invited speakers in the order they presented:

Gold sponsor for the event was Lafarge Beton, on behalf of which Theoni Xanthi, ass. professor of DUTH, made a short speech before the invited speakers



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Ariadni Vozani, Stavros Martinos 

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Hellenic Institute of Architecture

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