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On March 2020, two weeks prior to the first-ever edition, of the Milano Design Film Festival Greece in Athens, the festival was postponed, due to the severity of the pandemic—announcing its new event dates for: 5-8 November 2020.

In the meantime, new collaborators and supporters have emerged, enriching the pre-existing programme, and forming the first, MDFF community, in Greece. Today, the international programme of MDFF Greece–Athens, is faced once more—alongside many other cultural programmes around the world—with the pressing dilemma: either to opt for a digital festival edition presenting the entire programme online, or, to transfer it as a physical event, to a later date, once again—only this time in 2021.

The MDFF Greece–Athens team, chose a middle-way: to transfer its main event to the Benaki Museum and the Greek Film Archive for 2021 but in the meantime, it has created a pre-festival programme titled, “Design in Film around the city of Athens”, which will serve as a precursor of the main event: A prelaunch series consisting of mini-event screenings, discussions, workshops, walking tours and architectural bike routes, providing the public with a first “taste” of MDFF, for all which is to follow in 2021 during the key event—whilst showcasing a unique way of viewing and experiencing, the identity of MDFF.

Most of these activities will take place in physical spaces or in outdoor locations in Athens; whilst some will be held online.

The prelaunch mini-event series, curated by MDFF Greece, will take place in collaboration with public and private organisations in Athens, presenting a rich content of screenings, discussions, workshops, bike routes and walking tours with an underlying architectural theme.

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