This 100m² apartment belongs to interior architect Dalit Lilienthal and her partner. In order to suit the couple’s needs, the apartment went through a complete renovation, all inner walls were removed and a new layout was designed.

The main concept was to achieve a flexible and modifiable space. On one hand, a spacious open plan living was designed by opening up the apartment from one side to the other, allowing sunlight and air to flow right through, letting the outside in by having the trees visible from every window. And at the same time, a space that can easily achieve intimate areas when needed without compromising the sense of spaciousness.

Instead of the corridor that led to the bedrooms a box was created, incorporating various functions. It defines the bedrooms and workspace area, and still allows a pleasant flow around the space. In addition, sliding doors are hidden inside the box. By opening or closing them the apartment changes its appearance and a new space is created each time. These doors also allow to establish privacy between the public and private areas.

The doors were designed with a perforated metal mesh sheet, using two different sizes, so that sliding the doors add a design impact and a playful visual effect. To achieve an open space, the doors can just disappear back into the box.

The design concept uses a monochromatic color scheme, added by natural materials such as different types of wood and a mix of metals – stainless steel and iron, integrating custom made carpentry throughout the apartment creating ample storage solutions.

With meticulous attention to detail, combining comfort and aesthetics, the result is an intimate open plan, modular space.

Interior designer:
Photos by:
Galit Deutsch 


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