Monolithic plasticity

The residence is situated on a sloping site with south-eastern orientation that

allows for the most appropriate possible insolation and panoramic views of the sheltered harbour of Ornos.

The project is a classic Mykonean building consisting of almost monolithic cubic volumes of trowelled plaster, reflecting the Aegean light in the whiteness and plasticity of its curved edges.

The 500m2 surface area of the residence is divided into three levels. The entrance is on the ground level that comprises the unified, communal space with a sitting area, a dining area, a kitchen and a wc. Through a bright staircase the user ascends to the first floor that houses four bedrooms and their respective bathrooms. There is also an external, independent guesthouse.

Externally the plot is traced by protective stone walls that integrate the outdoor communal areas.

Under the Mykonean vernacular pergola in wood and reed, the entertainment zone includes the built-in sitting area and kitchen as well as a dining area. Nearby, at the edge of the level, the L-shaped infinity swimming pool traces the facade corner, framing its view to the sea.

Next to the pool, an extension of the perimeter stone walls creates recesses for relaxation seating.

Blurring the boundaries between exterior and interior, the ground level is laid with marble throughout. Wood is used extensively on the ceilings of the rooms, both communal and private. The colour white on walls and casings as well as beige on floors, built-in furniture and fabrics create the colour palette that adds a sense of warmth and familiarity to the interior of the residence.

Design by:

Interior Design by:

Marilena Rizou

Photos by:

Alexandros Ioannidis

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