Myran Apenanti

Athens’ favorite Scandinavian design shop Myran recently opened its doors in an additional location at the very heart of Athens Kolonaki district, in the iconic Palaiologos apartment building. Called Apenanti –the other side– it is a showroom and office space that seeks to display both furniture and a way of life.

The building itself was designed in 1935 by architect Ioannis Koukiadis, and with its smooth symmetrical shapes, horizontal lines, and sharp curves, it is a brilliant example of the Art Deco movement ‘Streamline Modern’. Myran’s owners and the Greek-Scandinavian studio OOAK architects collaborated to design a go-to space for inspiration, dialogue, and consultation framed in this beautiful shell that brings together classical and decorative elements with the aesthetic of machines.

The space was conceived as a series of rooms that display everyday situations, like a private apartment with a very public character. Respecting all the building’s original features, the design is based on the use of color as an element that accentuates and enhances the experience of space – and of course the furniture on display. Taking cues from the decorative elements of the apartment, color is applied differently in each room, always with a focus on elevating three distinct heights and scales. The bold palette complements the strong design character of the Scandinavian furniture showcased in the rooms but never takes over. The showroom is meant to inspire, and just like the furniture, color as a final layer of the finished surface helps set the tone, mood, and energy of the space. 

Apenanti shows how classic modern and contemporary Scandinavian design can be applied in a quintessentially Athenian apartment, adapting to, and creating a new Greek-Scandi living experience that combines functionality and simplicity without sacrificing playfulness.

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