Naiades Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel Design with a Bold Color Palette

The new 8-bedroom boutique hotel is located in the center of Ioannina in Greece, in the historical castle district. The design highlights transitions through contrasts: The lighting, colors, and materials change as visitors cross through the space. Old and new, hard and soft, urban and traditional– these principles abound and flourish throughout the building. Colors are used emphatically, ranging from light and dark green, pastel purple, light pink, and blue tones.

The Entrance and Lobby

The facades are painted a dusty pink shade, which creates an interesting contrast with the dark blue wooden doors. At the hotel’s entrance, guests are greeted by a double-height lobby with pastel purple and white background walls, rounded columns, and modern chandeliers hanging from the roof. Green marble covers the reception counter.

Hotel Room Design

On the ground floor and first level, the guest rooms feature colorful selections with custom made furniture. Oakwood flooring and furnishings, velvet curtains and metallic bedside tables create a playful scenery. Ample windows let in plenty of natural light.

Covered and Open-air Patios

From the inner balcony on the first floor, the wooden roof is visible; large mirrors which reflect the pendant lights, wall lamps, and contemporary paintings create a narrative scenery. From the ground floor, stairs lead down to a stone courtyard at the back of the building where light metallic chairs and marble tables offer an open-air intimate space for breakfast.

Dining Area Design

A moody color palette has been applied throughout the main dining area in the basement of the hotel. Walls have been loosely rendered with grey plaster and most of the floor has been clad with dark grey tiles. Deep red, pastel green, and bright yellow furniture add a splash of color. Marble and wooden tables, velvet armchairs, wooden bookshelves, contemporary lighting, and candles create a whimsical interplay of colors, textures, and shapes. The main dining table is positioned alongside the wooden bookcase; the armchairs are clustered around the central fireplace and other tables are positioned alongside the open kitchen painted in pastel green tones with brush detailing. The bookcase furniture with a sitting spot creates a more intimate corner. The space is complemented by a series of unique carpets with traditional features.

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