Nammos Dubai

When London based International Interior design firm Elastic Interiors were approached to design Nammos Dubai, belonging to a world-famous Mediterranean beach club brand notorious for its vibrant scene, they were elated at the opportunity to develop a new and upcoming destination. The firm, led by Partner & Creative Director Enrique Mangalindan and Founders Ria Vogiatzi & Alexander Xenos, along with their multi-faceted design team, are behind luxurious Resorts such as One & Only, AMAN, Marriott, among others.

The main design philosophy was to create an elegant interior that resonates of vernacular architecture, featuring authentic Mykonian materials. In this special location, the overall design aesthetic aimed to capture the soul of Nammos Mykonos, where luxury, leisure, beach life, fashion and the most memorable parties coexist in perfect harmony.

Upon arrival, large tiered reflection pools anchored by a single mature palm tree, surround the building façade, reflecting the Dubai sky and giving the illusion of a floating glass structure.

The pool is delineated by large stone platform steps, forming a bridge between the cobbled stone road and the elevated entry doors. This procession is heightened by the sound of cascading water running on both sides of the entry path, creating a full sensory experience.

The journey begins with the iconic Mykonian painted fieldstone as the main backdrop to the interior reception lobby. Ambient candlelit niches create a warm threshold between the reception and the excitement that lies beyond. The interior of the lobby is adorned with customized suspended light pendants that resemble illuminated beach pebbles, hung in varying heights to create a light filled, playful ceiling plane.

Curated sculptural furniture placed upon hand-crafted area rugs, is nestled on both sides of the lobby, providing a relaxed lounge setting where guests are surrounded by views to the lush garden and reflecting pool. The furniture upholstery is a selection of light colored natural linen fabrics that create a play on texture, while tone-on-tone patterned textiles celebrate intricate weaving techniques, often found in the traditional craftmanship of both Dubai and Greece.

These same weaving techniques are integrated into the interior architectural elements through textural rope embellishments, wrapping the chestnut screen ceiling, dotted with wicker wood beams. Both wicker and chestnut are local to Greece and are commonly used in Mykonian architecture.

The entry corridor separating the arrival lobby and main dining area is lined with tall, rich carved wood. In this carved path, the selection of fine wines, the best grade meats and fresh seafood is showcased like fine jewelry behind glass screens.


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