Nature apartment

The apartment, with a total area of 100 m2, is in an apartment building in Evosmos area, which dates to 2003. The key challenge of the study was both the remodeling of the functional structure of the apartment and the aesthetics of its premises. Emphasis was placed on the coloring, the textures, the material combination as well as the appropriate lighting that highlights them. The kitchen was spatially and not visually separated from the living room, by using a perforated library and a glass wall, which is also the entrance to the kitchen, in order to give the impression of a bigger and brighter space.

Clean-cut lines, a combination of colors and automatic electric mechanisms in the kitchen area create an easy-to-use environment that offers moments of calmness and relaxation. An imposing corner sofa with a special support of home cinema speakers, a table and a wall containing a fireplace with a special socket for wood storage create the living room. Clean forms, quality lighting, high aesthetic materials and smart electromechanical amenities make up a luxurious environment, according to the users’ needs.

Photos by:

Thomas Chalastanis

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