Neobio Family Park

Neobio Family Park

The designers intended to make reading a pleasant and educational activity by turning children’s reading area into an indoor amusement park within the bookstore. Neobio Family Park is located within two European buildings in Minhang District, Shanghai. It is divided into Reading Area, Dining Area, Sims City, Climbing Area and Party Room. The main entrance opens out to wavy forests and rolling hills, which are bookshelves of the reading area and where kids can play hide-and-seek. Every tree hole is an exclusive small world, a free and relaxing reading area where kids feel close to nature. The area by the window near the forest accommodates a leisure reading area for parents.

An ocean pool-like stairs leads to the Sims City, where a miniature city unfolds around an urban road system complete with zebra crossings, street lamps and parking lots. In the middle, a three-storey house, divided into left and right side, comprises a mini post office, a gas station, a supermarket, a hospital, as well as a 1:1 scale dollhouse. Kids can access every corner freely in the mini city, and their parents are able to watch them from the rest area on the opposite side. Deep inside Sims City, there is also a Cosplay Area, where girls can dress up as Princesses and take photos, while their mothers treat themselves to a manicure.

The Time Tunnel leads to the Big Child Area where various slides and climbing racks fill the whole maze-like floor. The most eye-catching part is an S-shaped slide from which children can slide directly to the family dining area on the 1st floor. The dining area contains a series of designed balloon-like hanging Game Boxes, all connected by transparent crawl-ways for children to explore. The dining tables are placed around these boxes, with two VIP rooms providing more privacy.

In the basement, three Indian, desert and Mediterranean themed Party rooms accommodate birthday parties, all with special designed King & Queen chairs making every child the real hero of his party.

Design by:
LI Xiang, X+Living
Photos by:
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