New Limassol Passenger Terminal

At the western end of the Limassol seafront, the terminal juts out to sea as a full-stop to the towns expansion. Constructed as a rhythmic and horizontal series of zinc clad shells, the oval forms travel 350m down the quayside, a conscious contrast with the vertical and angular structures of the tall cranes nearby.
Looking down from the decks of the ships is an undulating roofscape that changes in the dawn and dusk light of arrivals and departures.
The tall oval spaces inside are lined with wooden boards recalling the hulls of boats and vessels, an acoustic space, animated and coloured by the reflected and changing light from the sea and patterned with shadows from the huge ‘porthole’ windows that observe the docks.
Performing all the functions of a border control building that handles half a million passengers p/a, the terminal also welcomes the hosting of lectures, conferences and other events. A restaurant with decks east and west overviews both port and city, and a ‘skybar’ on the roof provides panoramic views mirroring those from the adjacent cruise ships.

Photos by:

Charis Solomou 
Leonidas Touvanas (aerial photography)

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