New Natural History Museum of Denmark

In 2022, an entirely new Natural History Museum of Denmark will open its doors, merging the three current locations of The Botanical Garden, the Geological Museum, and the Zoological Museum. The new museum designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects, will be situated in the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen.

Dutch design agency Tinker imagineers won the international tender to design the new scenography for an area of almost 4.900 m2. The exhibition budget is 22 million euros, and the collection consists of more than 14 million objects.

Tinker will be responsible for the concept, design (3D, 2D and multimedia) and production supervision of the new exhibition. The central theme of the museum is “Our Planet”, covering the entire history of Earth, from its creation to the present day. Visitors will see nature’s great riches as well as the ways in which humankind has influenced the planet. Moreover, they will experience how they can contribute to a sustainable future for our planet.

This will be the second museum interior the design agency does in Denmark, following the opening of Tirpitz, a museum fully integrated into the West Danish dune landscape, Tinker designed with Bjarke Ingels Group.


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© Tinker imagineers 

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