New Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators

Samsung revolutionizes refrigerator design, by creating the first modular refrigerators for household use that can grow or reduce their size, or change their color, providing infinite design versatility.

The new Samsung Bespoke refrigerator series was designed to suit any style of kitchen and any consumer need, by being customizable in the course of time: They comprise independent units that can be added to each other, and the panels are sold separately from the refrigerators to be able to suit space, for any mood.

Samsung Bespoke refrigerators change, as life needs change. A single dweller can buy a refrigerator/freezer with any color of panels they; if, in the course of time, a flatmate is added, they will not need to change the refrigerator but simply to add one more unit -for instance, a refrigerator/freezer that can be either one or the other. If, in the meantime, children appear and more storage space is needed, one more unit can be added, in the desired color and texture.

Samsung Bespoke system units have a standard length of 59,5cm and depth of 65,8cm, and they are available in two heights, either 185,3cm or 203cm. The outer panels material is either glass or metal, in many different colors and finishes to suit any taste and any ambience: glass panels can have a glossy glam or soft satin finish, and the metal panels are matt, with ceramic texture; they are available in black, lilac, beige, and white, and the coming months will see even more shades, including peach and navy blue.

The Samsung Bespoke series refrigerators are easy to find at electrical appliances retail stores, with a guaranteed Samsung quality and easy use. The only thing necessary is creativity, to build a customized refrigerator, each time one decides to do so.

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