Northern Central

Northern Central

Located close to the IT hub in the growingly congested city of Bangalore, Northern Central provides a sense of respite with its cosy and natural atmosphere. The property being situated overlooking a lake, the design is inspired by the natural context and takes an inside-outside approach to create free flowing open spaces. The desire to create a fresh and airy space that blurs the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor led to the conception of a breathing spine in the form of a living, green wall with plants that connects the entrance to the patio in the rear. This creates a lush green breathing space amidst the otherwise monotonous mass of built spaces. Designed to imitate a train journey through vast expanses of greenery, the interiors recreate the soothing and engaging nostalgia of dining on a train. Contoured around the main theme of the restaurant, “a journey”, the relaxed spatial character is further enhanced with bold, distinctive scintillating elements transposed into installations and decorations.
This idea is translated into the material palette; a play of wood and patterned tiles along with the stone, coloured glass and retro signage, brought together under the white tensile roof structure, creates a welcoming space for anyone wanting to unwind from the usual hustle bustle of the city.

Design by:

Dhruva Kalra – RMDK Architects


Photos by:

Niveditaa Gupta 
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