Office Space Design in Halandri

Rigas Plastika S.A. headquarters are in Athens, in a ​​300m² area. The goal was to create a modern, high-standard workplace, based on both a human-centered design approach and on the selection of quality materials.

Layout Design

The planning and space arrangement was initiated after considering the shape of the floor plan, the ergonomics, and the functional characteristics of the work in each department of the company. The decision to move ahead with separating the departments, over an open plan space scenario, was made to ensure employee high concentration ability through low noise levels and provide a greater sense of privacy. The installation of glass partitions and the use of transparency in selected areas ensured a sense of harmony in the space and allowed for natural light to come through.

Architectural Materials and Sustainability

The materials selected and used are consistent with modern standards for sustainability. This together with the ability for natural ventilation and lighting contribute to workplace wellbeing and energy consumption reduction.

As such, the workplace manages to balance through a quiet, private, yet not isolated, pleasant, and bright setting.


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