Luxury and Natural Beauty

With a central backdrop of centuries-old olive groves and a stunning beach in the “Mesongi” area of Corfu, the hotel complex was created, comprising 120 suites and communal buildings – a reception building, restaurant, spa facilities, a refreshment area, and a shop – with a total built area of 7,350 sqm on a plot of land spanning 26,500 sqm. The land features a gentle slope, lush vegetation, and direct access to the sea. The goal was to create a unique hospitality experience in a distinctive natural landscape, offering high comfort, simplicity, and discreet luxury. The area is divided into two design zones – the Olive Grove zone and the Beach zone – separated by a communal road.

Authentic Hospitality Experience in the Olive Grove

In the olive grove zone, where sculptural trees serve as a point of reference, a “settlement” of autonomous suites with private courtyards and pools is created, with each courtyard featuring an olive tree. The key design element is a system of parallel stone walls, up to 2.70m in height, which organize the suites, providing absolute privacy and direct accessibility.
Adaptation to the Organic Layout of the Landscape
The flexible design of the suites, with a total of 10 different typologies, allows the building system to adapt to the organic layout of the olive grove, avoiding standardization. Instead of a large building volume, which could be supported from an urban planning perspective, small-scale autonomous units were chosen as the optimal solution to harmoniously blend with the natural landscape. The clean, simple volumes of the suites and the reception building emerge among the trees, alternating with stone walls, pathways, private and communal pools, courtyards, and terraces.

Contemporary Architecture on the Beach

As you move towards the beachfront zone, the visual field opens up to the view of the sea. The restaurant, the former olive press – now a shop and refreshment area – as well as the suites, are located in this zone and are designed with a focus on the sea and unobstructed views.

Modern Architectural Language

The modern architectural language interacts with elements of local morphology, emphasizing the simplicity of form and the purity of volumes. Wooden pergolas and abundant planting provide shade in the outdoor areas. The color palette of the materials is earthy, maintaining a simple, clean composition consisting of stone masonry, exposed concrete, natural finishes, wood, and metal, further integrating the intervention into the natural landscape.
With the design principle of creating a space for hospitality that is both simple and of high quality, interacting with the natural wealth of the olive grove and the sea, the hotel complex was created as a place where guests can feel unique, just like each preserved olive tree, with respect.

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