Onoma Hotel in Thessaloniki

This is the first time that a five-star hotel chooses to cater to the demanding, millennial audience, in such a straightforward manner. Onoma Hotel in Thessaloniki is a technologically flexible hotel, in tune with the contemporary traveler: Millennials control their lives through their smartphones and they are used to everything adapting to their personal interests. The technologically flexible hotel does the same and has “personalised smart staying” as its main concept.

An Original Hospitality Concept.

Through a fresh, pioneering hospitality concept relying on the digital experience, the hotel celebrates contemporary design and new hotel branding trends, to create a new experience of interaction with the visitor. Its architecture is signed by Makridis Associates (interior) and Kouloukouris Associates (exterior); the overall concept bears the mark of Hyper Tria creative agency. 

Hotel Design for the Instagram Generation

Onoma Hotel is dotted with “instagrammable” spots, neon signs, and street art, inviting the visitors to share on their social feed. The entrance is marked by two L-shaped LED screens, featuring videos and images. The hidden gem of the building is the illusion basketball court, designed in anamorphic street art style. Entering the lobby, guests are confronted with the Seeker – an iconic statue, representative of the contemporary traveler seeking new experiences, a photo booth for instant social feed uploads, and a vertical garden at the secret backyard.

The rooms are transformed into personalized experience stage sets. The visitor can upgrade to different concepts, turning the room into an experience area for Gaming, Wine Tasting, Street Basketball, Rock Music Bands. The digital interface includes smartphone lock-unlock, ambience control through tablet, and wireless charging.

The Importance of Branding in Hotel Design

To create the Onoma Hotel, Hyper Tria worked on many levels. Its main assignments were: Hotel concept, naming, brand strategy, logo & visual identity, brand manual, guest experiences, hotel guest app design, gamification design, facilities naming and logos, menus design, environmental branding, signage, merchandise design, and website design and development. All was developed through the hyper branding algorithmic concept. 

For its innovative branding strategy, Hyper Tria has been awarded with:

  • 2021 Tourism Awards SILVER – Facilities & Innovation
  • 2021 Tourism Awards SILVER – Souvenirs

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