An unusual interior lamp is created by a Japanese artist with a fondness for bread. Using bread flour, cake flour and salt yeast Yukiko Morita handmakes and then bakes assorted breads, carves out their interior and finally, applies a special treatment and resin coating to make them durable.

A careful insertion of cables, batteries and LEDs into the brittle cocoons completes the design of Pampshade which, paying homage to its French-derived onomatopoeia (from the French word for bread: pain+lampshade), comes in seven pastry types: petit boule, coupe, champignon, croissant, boule, batard and baguette.

The artist urges users to handle the lamps as if they were glass, to not immerse them in water and of course, to not eat them.

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Pampshade® by Yukiko Morita

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